The Logical Astrologer

A modern and logical approach to Astrology by a non-traditional IIT-ian astrologer.

Our Philosophy

Astrology is indeed a divine science, which people usually discard as superstition or pseudo-science. But the problem is not with Astrology, rather with Astrologers who falsely pretend to understand the science, generally give false predictions and unethically boast to cure all of your problems.

The Logical Astrologer founded by Nakshatra N Tanwar, an IIT DELHI alumnus is a 'reaction' against such numerous fake astrologers who give generalized predictions and illogical solutions to common man’s problems which are predatory, practically of no use and absolutely superstitious in nature.

Ergo, If you are fed up with astrologers,their wrong predictions and bizarre solutions that make you question your sanity, then THE LOGICAL ASTROLOGER is the saviour who gives you accurate predictions and logical solutions to your issues.

Astrology Sessions


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