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Course Logical Astrology Neev - LAN 01 - ASTROLOGY

I began my page "THE LOGICAL ASTROLOGER" on instagram with a vision of bringing the glory of astrology back. It is said that logical people do not believe in astrology but with my page I have tried to shake this belief by predicting events openly in an accurate manner. Because if astrology is not real then how am I predicting events beforehand. In my pursuit of having a different and unique astrology page I have garnered unique followers who thankfully love reading my 10 page post . As per them , my page has ignited interest in learning this awesome science called ASTROLOGY.

Course Logical Astrology Neev - LAN 02 - ASTROLOGY

I promise that After this course you will have the understanding of classic rules of astrology along with its application in a modern society, application and great great importance of Nakshatras in prediction, houses, planets in such a detail that has never been done before. You would not need to learn the KP method of astrology separately as this course covers the concept that how Vedic-Astrology covers this already.


We all have tried to predict something in our life. That joy of giving right predictions cannot be compared with. One must have heard or learned LOSHU GRID | CHIRO NUMEROLOGY but still the quality of prediction is generalist in nature. It does not amaze. It has no practical usage. The above-mentioned methods are failing in giving accurate predictions and such failures make any sane man question the science of NUMEROLOGY. Such failures inspired me to find new techniques of prediction..

Lunar Numerology
Course LUNAR NUMEROLOGY (panchang)

Many of us have heard of this word PANCHANG but majority of you have no idea on how to use it. I shall be clubbing my Astro-Numero method based on Solar Calendar & Vedic Astrology with Panchang based upon Lunar Calendar. The combined method has given high accuracy to me in prediction and I want you to make use of this method in your prediction. Generally astrologers do not share secrets but I am here to BREAK THE PATTERN


This course is about how to live life in a manner where you increase our happiness by accept the reality and increase the joy of life by understanding LAW OF LIFE using philosophy offered by Astrology.